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We believe in taking a two-pronged approach to delivering sustainability. We believe using informed insight from experience; alongside collaborative ways of working (which are creative and inclusive) is the best way to deliver critical holistic thinking, quality technical appraisal, and provide a space for ideas-exchange and innovation. This approach is essential for successful transition from strategy, to plan, to action, to reporting.

ACM is Perpendo’s first partner

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Perpendo was established in 2018 with the aim of meeting the trend with more and more, non-financial demands, which are placed on companies and organizations. GDPR, ESG, environment etc. are today well-known terms, and Perpendo detected a need for an easy way to check compliance through an online self-assessment tool.

ACM is Perpendo’s first partner, as a sustainability consultancy SME organisation who helped to write sustainability course content and establish how far companies are future-facing in regards to organisational compliance to sustainability. Not only that, but how far they are leaning towards delivering to corporate responsibilities within communities, industry expectations and how far they are looking to be future-facing in communities.

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ACM Consultancy Services Ltd. is a bespoke Environment and Sustainability Consultancy firm, which drives an equilibrium of environmental and operational performance, within the public and private sector, to empower a globally sustainable future through innovation, collaboration and expertise.​

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