Crossrail Elizabeth Line, London Consents, Sustainability and Environment Manager

  • Consents and Environment Manager implementing an extensive ISO14001 Environmental and Sustainability Management System (EMS) for the Traction Power Supply (TPS) electrification project.
  • Our manager delivered environmental, consenting and sustainability services throughout the iterative design, construction and post-construction stages, leading to the timely build of eight new ATS/ATFS.
  • This management included tracking, monitoring, steering, safeguarding and championing best-practise environment and sustainability principles (such as biodiversity net gain, carbon reduction, community initiatives, sustainable/local investment etc.) and scoping in and out consents and environmental actions according to the specifics of the project design and/or construction equipment and activities. 
  • Several efficiencies and innovations were implemented between sites, due to the variable construction programmes across the eight sites.
  • We prepared all aspects for the on and off-site Crossrail Audit across Consents, Environment, Social and Community, for which the TPS team received accolade.
  • Conducted a number of environmental inspections, winning a 4-STAR award at two sites.

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