Company CSR

As a SME we are fully committed to our own CSR and take it seriously, including that of our suppliers and wider network. Our current CSR List is as follows:

🌱 We have adopted our internal, interactive ACM Net Positive Sustainability Road Map  (Snippets below - we produce these for all SMEs)
🌱 Ambassador for ‘Sustainably.Run/meetings’ * 

🌱 Member of the SME Climate Hub: Race to Net Zero 

🌱 Ambassador for ‘Compare Your Footprint’ Carbon Tool
🌱 Member of the Oxford School of Climate Change
🌱 Member of C.A.T (Centre of Alternative Technology)

🌱 Member of Sustainability Supply Chain School 
🌱 Climate Cymru Partner

🌱 Nature Recovery Network (NRN) Partner (committed to be ‘Nature Positive’)

🌱 UKBFF – UK Business and Biodiversity Forum Partner
🌱 Member of Clean Growth, UK 
🌱 Equality and H&S Policies in place
🌱 Supporting Circus Starr Charity
🌱 Low Carbon Supply Chain – Remote Working, Slack, Low Carbon Website, Video on/off, Home 

     Energy, Sustainable Printers, and part of our Scope 1/2/3 assessment. 

🌱 International Collaboration – some of our clients, partners and pipeline are internationally based.
🌱 UoS Internship Placement Scheme for 2 PhD students of diverse backgrounds. 


*Tree planting initiative that plants a tree in the developing world for every meeting we host to offset our carbon and provide an alternative industry to deforestation (I.e. fruit tree harvesting), avoids dewatering, sequesters carbon and improves biodiversity.

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