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How do you customise your services for niche companies?

We listen very carefully to the client brief and provide honest advice as to whether this is an area we can help you excel in, or if we can improve upon your original objectives. We provide advice tailored to the service, sector, business and growth market that you operate in. We do our background research and we work with you to provide a premium service. Client satisfaction is paramount to us.

What is a typical contract length?

Our contract lengths and rates are bespoke to the individual project requirements and the expertise of our staff members. We only employ qualified individuals, presently of Principal and Associate level. As an example, we are happy to provide contract lengths from anything from one month to one year, depending on client objectives. You can contact us to discuss contract requirements in more detail.

How do I know that ACM Consultancy Services Ltd is the right consulting agency for me?

ACM Consultancy Services Ltd. pride ourselves on generating happy customers and only employ individuals who are driven to achieve quality, whilst keeping wider client objectives in mind. Our core competencies therefore include:

- Competence 

- Reliability

- Honesty

- Integrity

- Listening carefully

- Staying work-focused

- Supporting others

- Being positive

- Self-upgrading

- Respect for others

- Commitment

- Client focussed

- Adding value

Our business approach is defined as:

  • Committed to delivering quality, whilst saving on time and cost; 

  • Being solution-orientated, having a genuine desire to solve our clients problems and reach shared targets;

  • Excelling in challenging and continuous learning environments;

  • Providing value for money by working smarter and with a lower overhead than many of our competitors;

  • Providing flexibility, personability, and professionalism.

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