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Featured Resource

  • Since 2017, we have been supplying businesses with environment and sustainability expertise, with a 100% repeat customer record.

  • We inform our client’s business operations from the strategy stage, throughout the design and/or construction lifecycle, and beyond, depending on your individual delivery needs. 

  • We take a holistic approach to solutions, with multi-stakeholder collaboration and quality assurance, to ensure multi-beneficial, transformative outcomes.

  • Our consultancy services can be summarised as: strategic, advisory, technical assessment, management, consultancy and assurance services.

  • We help at project, pilot-project and organisational level. ACM have the benefit of an agile, flexible and collaborative resource platform that allows us to deliver the right expertise, when you need it. We deliver with passion and create trust with our clients.

Anna Hewson
Environment and Sustainability Consultant 

Anna is a proactive and adaptable Associate Environment and Sustainability Consultant and founder of the award-winning ACM Consultancy Services Ltd, with 18+ yrs experience of delivering improvements to both low and high value linear and non-linear infrastructure projects and other organisationsShe motivates and manages multi-disciplinary teams to deliver Environmental Impact Assessments, IS014001 Environment, Sustainability and Consenting Management, Sustainability Consultancy (Strategy and Implementation), ESG and Topic Specialist delivery (Regenerative Agriculture, Carbon Reduction, Ecology etc.), in both the public and private sector. She provides a collaborative forum for innovation and expertise to transition forward-thinking businesses, in pursuit of delivering the UNSDGs, towards rational but innovative, sustainability transformation. Anna has gained experience on a range of multidisciplinary projects, with project values of up to £42.6 billion. Her industry focus is within the rail and infrastructure, water and environment sectors, with further experience of highways, airports and nuclear. She sits on the committee of two Sustainability Steering Groups, an Action Learning Group and a Female Business Forum. She and has worked on the largest Geospatial database in Europe and her Research and Road Maps have been used by the Environment Agency, DEFRA and EAZA to inform them of the state of the implementation of their policies and guidelines. Anna is highly organised and has a proven track record of thriving in highly pressurised and challenging environments. She is an empathetic, clear and engaging communicator who is adept at building relationships, driving collaboration and gaining trust. She considers wider aims, whilst presenting great attention to detail in order to achieve improved service delivery. Her business vision is to help forward-thinking organisations achieve an equilibrium of environmental and operational performance. Her ambition, outlined in her internal road map, is to become a Net Positive Company.

daniel kenning.jpg

Daniel Kenning
Transition Engineering

Transition Engineering is the way to solve complex “wicked” global problems such as climate
change, pollution, biodiversity loss and energy depletion, problems which have many stakeholders,
and potential for conflict, and no obvious simple solution. Transition Engineering is the HOW to achieve change, given we agree WHY change is needed. Daniel founded Splendid Engineering and co-founded GATE, the Global Association for Transition Engineering, after a long career at Ford of Europe and Visteon where he was a Product Engineer and Design for Sustainability specialist. He is a chartered mechanical engineer, chartered energy engineer, and chartered environmentalist. In more recent years, he has been working with clients delivering Transition Engineering and the Transition Innovation process. He is also a visiting lecturer at various universities.
Daniel is passionate about helping people discover "direction-changing" innovations that address "un-sustainability". He co-developed "Transition Engineering", a new approach to engineering and change; and is already helping organisations to achieve whole-system solutions that deliver the right change in the right direction to ensure a sustainable, prosperous future in a changing world. Daniel brings clarity to your decision making, he helps you challenge existing un-stated assumptions to discover an achievable, more prosperous future. By collaborating in your decision making processes, he enables your organisation to prosper in a changing future. He will help you to “Build Back better” after the disruption of COVID-19.

Robert Gerling
Vertical Farming & Regenerative Agricultural Specialist

Regenerative Environmental Consultant, Soil Scientist, passionate strawberry grower and proud father, with a focus on environmental remediation and carbon sequestration. Robert engineers biologically complete products using the finest quality local inputs, combined with “maker know-how” and the use of microscopy, to enable data driven decisions that achieve impressive results. 
Drawing from 20+ years experience, with a diverse mechanical and horticultural background, Robert has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to produce superior quality biopharma and market crops using hydroponics, aeroponic, and regenerative soil systems in vertical indoor controlled environments, greenhouses, and traditional outdoor settings.
Taking a biological approach to food production, Robert has achieved exemplary results in shelf life and nutrient density testing. He has consulted on the design, testing, patenting, commissioning, and operating of Canada's first GMP certified, commercial vertical farm; and has been involved in the testing and patenting of multiple vertical agriculture apparatuses. Robert has been operations manager for vertical farms in Canada, the United States of America and on the island of Aruba.

Robert now focuses on living soil production systems and soil food webs, moving dead carbon through regenerative agriculture and putting it back into the living carbon system. He delivers engineered Regenerative Environmental Management (e.g. complete soil solutions) and Consultancy.

tim bond.jpg

Tim Bond
Graphic Design in Print and Digital


Tim is a creative, engaging, dependable and personable graphic design for print and digital design. He is an Indesign and Interactive PDF Wizard and has been routinely recommended as being faster, better, cheaper - and is regularly cited as being infinitely patient! He is a collaborative individual who helps small businesses and larger international organisations with visual solutions across their digital marketing and performance reporting, including extensive experience delivering designs in the education and sustainability sector. Tim’s Key Background:

  • Creates effective digital (and print form) communication through simple, clear and concise visual information. Believes simplicity and creativity in digital media are key to achieving effective communication.

  • Extensive experience of working within the educational sector (including for publishers, schools, exam boards, universities, colleges etc.).

  • Approved and trusted supplier for the University of Cambridge (since 2014) and Pearson Education and Cambridge Assessment. Tim has delivered bespoke digital media reporting for the University of Cambridge across several reporting years and departments (i.e., Living Laboratory for Sustainability, University of Cambridge Financial Reports), including within the last year, with excellent feedback.

  • When it comes to print, Tim is up to date on cutting-edge, sustainable printers. 


Seamus Murphy
Business Development, Water Efficiency & Sustainability

Seamus has spent 25 years working in the water treatment industry for a global technology business delivering projects and technical solutions services to improve water treatment performance and efficiency for industrial and municipal customers across Europe, Middle East and Africa. He has delivered water reuse audits covering their design, implementation and report outs for several key customers in the food & beverage Industry and has managed teams developing and delivering water treatment solutions for customers seeking to manage their water challenges. 
He has extensive experience in business development and execution activities in the customer facing side of the companies he has worked for over the past 30 years, covering a wide array of industries and working at senior management levels, both domestically and internationally. He has headed up team training programs, process improvement initiatives and numerous multimillion pound complex contract negotiations both in Europe and globally. In addition, Seamus has been responsible for the performance and development of multinational teams of Engineers and Project Managers located throughout EMEA building a culture of collaboration, execution rigor and accountability to deliver sustainable water treatment solutions for the business to grow by minimising environmental impact and with benefit to society. More recently he completed training in Business Sustainability Management from the Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership at the University of Cambridge.

Picture 1.jpg

Jonathan Gatward
Director, InTouch GIS Service

Jonathan is the owner of InTouch GIS Services. He has spent 30 years working in the geographical information industry and specialises in the management, analysis and mapping of information from wide variety of sources, providing detailed knowledge on specific sites, areas and regions. Current work areas include mapping for ecological surveys and Biodiversity Net Gain, soil contamination mapping, site assessments for waste and minerals developments and mapping and data integration for re-wilding projects.
Jonathan has extensive knowledge and experience of all the leading GIS software and mapping packages including ArcGIS/ ArcPro, MapInfo, QGIS and Google Earth and has developed a library of information sources covering free opendata sources (eg. OS opendata, National Crime Statistics, Census information, Natural England designations etc.) as well as for suppliers of more detailed specialised geographic information (historic maps, Geology, detailed OS mapping, aerial imagery, DTM surface modelling data etc).
Jonathan is also involved in the development and delivery of bespoke training courses in GIS software, geospatial analysis and mapping techniques focused on the requirements of what individuals and organisations need to use GIS effectively in their operations. Recent training activities have included the development and online delivery of a “Mapping as a Tool for Conservationists” course and a bespoke QGIS training for a renewable energy company.
Outside of InTouch GIS Services (Jonathan's company), Jonathan is also a volunteer with MapAction, a charity providing mapping services to humanitarian crisis such as the Nepal Earthquake, the Ebola Crisis in Sierra Leone, and Mediterranean refugee crisis.
A sample of some of the technical areas that Jonathan, and InTouch, work in: 
Ecological Mapping / Renewable Energy / Contaminated Land / Waste Management / Utility Infrastructure Routing / Housing Asset Management / Strategic Site Proposal or Project Maps.

Derek photo latest_edited.jpg

Derek Prior

Business IT & Sustainable SAP

For 39 years Derek has been advising clients how to make the most of Information Technology - especially how to maximise the business value from IT. For 17 years he worked for the leading Information Technology vendor, Hewlett-Packard. In the 90’s HP led the field in Quality, Customer Care and looking after its employees.


HP played a leading role in partnering with SAP for the introduction of SAP R/3 in 1992. Derek has been involved in SAP ever since. At HP he led an SAP Competence Centre on sizing, performance management and hardware design for R/3. He was head-hunted by Gartner in 1998 as an analyst and SAP technology specialist in their ERP team. For 19 years at Gartner and AMR Research Derek’s SAP research resulted in many international publications, strategic and best practice advice provided to thousands of clients and keynote presentations at SAP conferences around the world.

Inspired by his 1976 PhD on combustion-generated air pollution he has always been passionate about the environment and sustainability. Over the last 20 years Derek has published 18 research notes and articles demonstrating how IT can make a major contribution to sustainability strategy and initiatives.


IT can effectively provide a green lens for business executives to examine and reduce the environmental footprint of their organisation. Sustainability and profitability are inextricably linked. Smart companies, leading companies, have been quietly exploiting this for years.


It is no coincidence that SAP has been active in the field of sustainability since 2008. They offer specialised software tools for sustainability, but there are many software tools vendors and service providers in the market today that are totally focused on sustainability. How focused is your organisation on this critical business issue?

Steph Mullen.jpg

Stephanie Mullen
Sustainability Consultant  

Steph is a sustainability consultant helping business owners to improve their impact on the planet and its people, while securing their business’ longevity. She offers comprehensive sustainability packages spanning assessment, objective-setting, implementation, performance evaluation and reporting. She has worked on behalf of Environmental Quality Mark (EQM) as an Assessor. 
With extensive experience of marketing and communication, she is well equipped to help her clients improve their brand perception. As a qualified designer, she also produces eye-catching graphics and documents for her clients that engage stakeholders, communicate their achievements and promote their services. 
Steph has a keen interest in and passion for nature protection, social value and restoration. She is a founder of Kids Plant Trees, a voluntary group working with children and families to create and improve wild, green spaces in the Sheffield region. She is also a committee member of Schools’ Climate Education South Yorkshire and sits on the audit/assessment working group for the Sheffield Sustainability Network. 
Through both her professional career and volunteer work, Steph has developed outstanding communication and organisational skills. She builds good working relationships through a positive, collaborative approach. Steph is an Associate member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) and takes a proactive approach to her development and learning, to stay on top of developments in the world of business sustainability, legislation and best practice.

CFBL Consulting Partner - Cecilia Fadipe

Sustainability & ESG Services 

Cecelia is the Managing Director of CFBL Consulting. She has held senior positions at Network Rail, Deloitte Consulting, Westminster & Ealing Councils, Mott MacDonald and worked on projects of £1.7bn undertaken on behalf of HS2 and Crossrail by contractors.


A CIMA qualified accountant, cost auditor and cost consultant with a strong background in Infrastructure projects, finance, and sustainable business strategy.


CFBL helps businesses in embedding sustainability into strategy, enabling businesses and projects to be efficiently and thoroughly set up for calculating and benchmarking their carbon footprint. We support businesses in establishing science-based targets (towards net zero), implementing a roadmap for monitoring and reporting progress with ESG KPIs as part of monthly reporting. Empowering communities to speed up the transition to low carbon, contributing towards sustainable value and increasing equity in society.

This is achieved through an initial pre-audit diagnostic, cost audit and assessment of the current state. We in addition develop a robust strategic framework that includes business strategy, risk and financial controls, marketing and communications, HR people and operations, commercial, technology (R&D) and innovation with training workshops and a roadmap for implementing our recommendations.


Jiean Ling (Alex)

Sustainability Professional (Researcher and Marketer) 

I am a final-year Doctoral Practitioner in Sustainability at the University of Surrey (R&D and Innovation Department) and recently successfully delivered a sustainability analytic tool to inform asset decisions for a large Utility Company. 


I have a First Class Masters degree in Environmental Science (Msci)


My expertise lies in using mixed and collaborative research techniques to deliver practical solutions as well as utilising analytics such as Multi-Criteria Analysis, Life Cycle Assessment and Scenario Analysis. 


I am deeply passionate about integrating sustainability into the decision-making process for businesses and realising the value of Sustainability, given its multiple and dynamic regulatory drivers and my desire to positively impact the planet. 


I have published a peer-reviewed article in a leading Sustainability Journal and I enjoy engaging actively with multi-disciplinary stakeholders. 


I am currently helping develop a Net Zero Sustainability Road Map for ACM Consultancy Services and looking forward to gaining more experience as a Sustainability Consultant. 

nick warans.jpg

Nick Warans

Directing Environmental Impact Assessment and Consenting

Nick is the Managing Director and Infrastructure Consents Manager at Integrated Consents Management.

Nick has 20 years’ experience managing pre-construction and construction phase consenting on some of Europe’s largest infrastructure projects, including directing Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) on Rail projects.

In addition, Nick has led construction phase consents and environmental management. This enables Nick to offer focused input and advice at all stages of a project’s evolution, bridging the gap between initial project consenting and the construction stage - providing a rare level of understanding and continuity to the projects he is involved with.

As a Chartered Environmentalist, registered Environmental Impact Assessor (IEMA) and a full member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), Nick is well versed in the discharge of post consent obligations and the seeking of additional approvals under the full range of primary consents – including Development Consent Orders (DCO), Transport and Works Act Orders (TWAO), Hybrid Bills, and consents under the Town and Country Planning Act.

Nick is a trained stakeholder consultation specialist and has designed and run the consultation process for complex and controversial schemes. He is skilled facilitator and adept at building excellent relationships with third parties.

He is well known by a wide range of statutory consent granting bodies, having worked extensively with many including Local Authorities, DEFRA, Historic England, the Environment Agency, Canals and Rivers Trust, the Marine Management Organisation, Natural England, and the Port of London Authority. Furthermore, Nick is a qualified CEEQUAL sustainability assessor.

Alex Jiean Ling-8931 2.jpg
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