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ACM Consultancy Services Ltd is integral in facilitating a forum for innovation, the perspective on what is possible, and how this can influence rational change in our audiences. We empower a globally sustainable future through holistic system solutions and collaboration. This approach is essential for successful transition from strategy, to plan, to action. Learn about some of our past projects below, and get in touch to see what we can do to add value to your operations.


Sustainability Strategy
Sustainability Consultant
Environment Agency


Sustainability Self-Assessment Tool - International
Two Sustainability Content Writers 

  • We recently appointed two Sustainability Course Writers to create Sustainability content (touching on their expertise and a range of specific standards) for an international technological platform client to allow businesses to undertake self-assessment of their sustainability credentials.

  • This evaluation process allows businesses to establish any gaps in their provision and they receive an analysis performance report of improvement areas. We are in the process of defining further, tailored sustainability assessments.

  • In turn, we are currently delivering follow-up sustainability consultation to proffer collaborative and innovative solutions for international clients.

Image by Zane Lee

Flood Alleviation Projects - South East England
Senior Environment Project Manager
NEAS, Environment Agency

  • We appointed a Senior Environmental Project Manager to two contracts for National Environmental Assessment and Sustainability (NEAS), which works with the Flood and Coastal Risk Management teams to help protect against flooding and minimise risks caused by floods. 

  • Our remit involved working through iterative strategic and design stages (SOC, OBC) for a major intertidal flood defence scheme in Southampton, for which we produced a Sustainability Road Map, containing targets and objectives related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (the 'what', 'why', 'how' and 'when') to guide and influence the project in pursuit of these.​ 

  • We challenged the original scheme option, making significant carbon, biodiversity and cost savings in the final option selected.

  • The Road Map was not only used on the pilot project by the client, but also as a wider organisational tool to deliver decarbonisation (I.e. PAS2080, ERIC etc.) and other sustainable development outcomes (I.e. Biodiversity Net Gain, CEEQUAL, the UNSDGs and Environmental Net Gain) across subsequent projects in the South East Regional Hub, including within project scopes.

  • We influenced a hub-wide biodiversity net gain target of 20%, across another four coastal protection projects on the Isle of Wight, which formed part of a press release by the local minister and reassessed the strategic case to better consider emerging sustainability objectives.

  • We delivered complex emergency works on our sixth project, following significant storm damage. This included improving stakeholder relations and educating the project team on the import of environmentally efficient processes on-site now, and in the future.

  • Our speakers in the Carbon and Biodiversity fields and our collaborative Innovation Registers served to deliver value to the strategic hub.

Railway at Night

HS2 Phase 2B - from Crewe to Manchester and West Midlands to Leeds
Lead Author
Capita Consortium for HS2 (Capita/Ineco/AECOM)

  • Appointed a Lead Author to manage all technical authorship aspects of the Lot 2 HS2 Phase 2b working draft and formal Environmental Statements, covering eight community forum areas (CFAs) from Crewe to Manchester and West Midlands to Leeds, for review by HS2, DfT and key parliamentary stakeholders.

  • The main remit included, but was not exclusive to, technical quality appraisal and compilation of the reporting sections and volumes, copy-writing, quality assurance and consistency checking, expert EIA Advice, as well as comment tracking, information sharing and comparing multiple versions of governance to reach a single source of truth, within a highly complex and challenging environment.

  • The ES required the consideration of cumulative environmental effects and climate change resilience factors and required signifiant communication with technical specialists on specific and/or in-combination, or cumulative effects. We frequently engaged with specialists to guide them, question outcomes and collaborate on making edits, additions and/or omissions. 

  • Contracts met all targets for quality, time and cost. All contracted drafts of the two ES' delivered for parliamentary review received excellent feedback and the client became a returning customer.

Thames Estuary Asset Management (TEAM2100), London
Principal Environment Advisor
NEAS, Environment Agency (on behalf of Capita)

  • We appointed a Principal Environmental Adviser for the implementation of the TEAM2100 programme, designed to refurbish and improve the tidal flood risk management assets in the estuary for the first 10 years of Thames Estuary 2100, as part of the 100-year plan.

  • We provided strategic input and drove eco-innovation, over 175km of the River Thames in order to transition to rational change in the field of sustainability.

  • Our lead advisor contributed a number of innovative low carbon and biodiversity upgrades to this award-winning programme and contributed to an award-winning project.

  • We advocated the implementation of dual, or holistic solutions that were fit-for-situation during the strategic and design stages; and the use of best practise sustainable materials during construction and within the EMP, EAPs etc.

  • The client became a repeat customer. 

Railway Tracks Nature

Crossrail Elizabeth Line, London 
Consents, Sustainability and Environment Manager
Network Rail (on behalf of Capita)

  • Consents and Environment Manager implementing an extensive ISO14001 Environmental and Sustainability Management System (EMS) for the Traction Power Supply (TPS) electrification project.

  • Our manager delivered environmental, consenting and sustainability services throughout the iterative design, construction and post-construction stages, leading to the timely build of eight new ATS/ATFS.

  • This management included tracking, monitoring, steering, safeguarding and championing best-practise environment and sustainability principles (such as biodiversity net gain, carbon reduction, community initiatives, sustainable/local investment etc.) and scoping in and out consents and environmental actions according to the specifics of the project design and/or construction equipment and activities. 

  • Several efficiencies and innovations were implemented between sites, due to the variable construction programmes across the eight sites.

  • We prepared all aspects for the on and off-site Crossrail Audit across Consents, Environment, Social and Community, for which the TPS team received accolade.

  • Conducted a number of environmental inspections, winning a 4-STAR award at two sites.

High-Speed Rail Viaduct .jpg

HS2 Phases 1 & 2A, Surrey
Design Element Statement Lead and Environmental Coordination
Atkins Consortium for HS2

  • Our Environment Coordinator led a team of 17+ landscape and environment specialists, to deliver upwards of 265 Design Element Statements (DES) to an evolving scheme design, which in turn supported amendments to the emerging HS2 Phase 1 Environmental Statement and subsequently informed environmental avoidance and mitigation requirements.

  • We contributed further technical LVIA and Sifts for the main Phase One ES and Advanced Petitions for the Phase 2A scheme, which involved managing packages of work involving GIS and multi-disciplinary environmental teams for final delivery.

  • All work was delivered to time, quality and cost.

  • Offered future work as a result of the work delivered within a collaborative team environment. 

road for cars aerial view from top aroun
  • Supporting Sustainability Strategy for the National Environmental Assessment and Sustainability Team (TE2100 Ten Year Review and TE2100 100 Year Plan) in order to develop and streamline the client's strategic approach, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), FCERM Strategy and EA2025 Plan. Delivering informed and innovative strategies to reduce carbon, improve efficiency in procurement and supply chain, assist in nature-based recovery and ensure continued operational performance.

  • As a low carbon-supply chain, we are providing a remote working approach, as part of the mission within our own Sustainability Road Map that we have developed to consider the Race to Net Zero objectives through the SME Climate Hub and other elements of our footprint.

  • We will coach, consult and collaborate with teams to ensure holistic, fit-for-purpose and innovative outcomes are reached.  

Evaluating Motorway Widening Schemes (A27), England
EIA Lead 
Highways England (on behalf of Atkins)

  • Successfully managed all aspects of the Five-Year after Post Opening Project Evaluation (POPE) reporting, for a motorway widening scheme (A27) in England to determine compliance with the scheme ES, including site visits, photography, mitigation, report review and submission, and consultations with third parties.

  • Production of a Handover Environment Management Plan for an additional scheme (the M1).

  • We were asked to take on further work.

Image by Tom Wheatley

Husbandry Guidelines, Paignton 
Consultant Researcher 
The Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust 

  • Delivered scientific species advice and husbandry guidelines to Paignton Zoo, in an area of limited research, as part of the Whitney Wildlife Conservation Trust (WWCT). 

  • Delivered independent research designed to inform and mitigate predicted effects of zoo husbandry development proposals, such as by identifying charecteristics, diet, distribution, breeding and habitat preferences.

  • This conservation advice formed part of a contribution to an EAZA publication, working alongside PhD students and scientific conservationists.