Jonathan Gatward

Director, InTouch GIS Service

Jonathan is the owner of InTouch GIS Services. He has spent 30 years working in the geographical information industry and specialises in the management, analysis and mapping of information from wide variety of sources, providing detailed knowledge on specific sites, areas and regions. Current work areas include mapping for ecological surveys and Biodiversity Net Gain, soil contamination mapping, site assessments for waste and minerals developments and mapping and data integration for re-wilding projects.

Jonathan has extensive knowledge and experience of all the leading GIS software and mapping packages including ArcGIS/ ArcPro, MapInfo, QGIS and Google Earth and has developed a library of information sources covering free opendata sources (eg. OS opendata, National Crime Statistics, Census information, Natural England designations etc.) as well as for suppliers of more detailed specialised geographic information (historic maps, Geology, detailed OS mapping, aerial imagery, DTM surface modelling data etc).

Jonathan is also involved in the development and delivery of bespoke training courses in GIS software, geospatial analysis and mapping techniques focused on the requirements of what individuals and organisations need to use GIS effectively in their operations. Recent training activities have included the development and online delivery of a “Mapping as a Tool for Conservationists” course and a bespoke QGIS training for a renewable energy company.

Outside of InTouch GIS Services (Jonathan’s company), Jonathan is also a volunteer with MapAction, a charity providing mapping services to humanitarian crisis such as the Nepal Earthquake, the Ebola Crisis in Sierra Leone, and Mediterranean refugee crisis.
A sample of some of the technical areas that Jonathan, and InTouch, work in: 
Ecological Mapping / Renewable Energy / Contaminated Land / Waste Management / Utility Infrastructure Routing / Housing Asset Management / Strategic Site Proposal or Project Maps.


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