Robert Gerling

Vertical Farming & Regenerative Agricultural Specialist

Regenerative Environmental Consultant, Soil Scientist, passionate strawberry grower and proud father, with a focus on environmental remediation and carbon sequestration. Robert engineers biologically complete products using the finest quality local inputs, combined with “maker know-how” and the use of microscopy, to enable data driven decisions that achieve impressive results. 
Drawing from 20+ years experience, with a diverse mechanical and horticultural background, Robert has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to produce superior quality biopharma and market crops using hydroponics, aeroponic, and regenerative soil systems in vertical indoor controlled environments, greenhouses, and traditional outdoor settings.

Taking a biological approach to food production, Robert has achieved exemplary results in shelf life and nutrient density testing. He has consulted on the design, testing, patenting, commissioning, and operating of Canada’s first GMP certified, commercial vertical farm; and has been involved in the testing and patenting of multiple vertical agriculture apparatuses. Robert has been operations manager for vertical farms in Canada, the United States of America and on the island of Aruba.
Robert now focuses on living soil production systems and soil food webs, moving dead carbon through regenerative agriculture and putting it back into the living carbon system. He delivers engineered Regenerative Environmental Management (e.g. complete soil solutions) and Consultancy.


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