Seamus Murphy

Business Development, Water Efficiency & Sustainability

Seamus has spent 25 years working in the water treatment industry for a global technology business delivering projects and technical solutions services to improve water treatment performance and efficiency for industrial and municipal customers across Europe, Middle East and Africa. He has delivered water reuse audits covering their design, implementation and report outs for several key customers in the food & beverage Industry and has managed teams developing and delivering water treatment solutions for customers seeking to manage their water challenges. 

He has extensive experience in business development and execution activities in the customer facing side of the companies he has worked for over the past 30 years, covering a wide array of industries and working at senior management levels, both domestically and internationally. He has headed up team training programs, process improvement initiatives and numerous multimillion pound complex contract negotiations both in Europe and globally. In addition, Seamus has been responsible for the performance and development of multinational teams of Engineers and Project Managers located throughout EMEA building a culture of collaboration, execution rigor and accountability to deliver sustainable water treatment solutions for the business to grow by minimising environmental impact and with benefit to society. More recently he completed training in Business Sustainability Management from the Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership at the University of Cambridge.


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