Flood Alleviation Projects – South East England Senior Environment Project Manager NEAS, Environment Agency

  • We appointed a Senior Environmental Project Manager to two contracts for National Environmental Assessment and Sustainability (NEAS), which works with the Flood and Coastal Risk Management teams to help protect against flooding and minimise risks caused by floods. 
  • Our remit involved working through iterative strategic and design stages (SOC, OBC) for a major intertidal flood defence scheme in Southampton, for which we produced a Sustainability Road Map, containing targets and objectives related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (the ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘how’ and ‘when’) to guide and influence the project in pursuit of these.​ 
  • We challenged the original scheme option, making significant carbon, biodiversity and cost savings in the final option selected.
  • The Road Map was not only used on the pilot project by the client, but also as a wider organisational tool to deliver decarbonisation (I.e. PAS2080, ERIC etc.) and other sustainable development outcomes (I.e. Biodiversity Net Gain, CEEQUAL, the UNSDGs and Environmental Net Gain) across subsequent projects in the South East Regional Hub, including within project scopes.
  • We influenced a hub-wide biodiversity net gain target of 20%, across another four coastal protection projects on the Isle of Wight, which formed part of a press release by the local minister and reassessed the strategic case to better consider emerging sustainability objectives.
  • We delivered complex emergency works on our sixth project, following significant storm damage. This included improving stakeholder relations and educating the project team on the import of environmentally efficient processes on-site now, and in the future.
  • Our speakers in the Carbon and Biodiversity fields and our collaborative Innovation Registers served to deliver value to the strategic hub.

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