Sustainability Strategy and Consultancy, TE2100, NEAS, Environment Agency

  • Sustainability Strategy support for the National Environmental Assessment and Sustainability team (TE2100 Ten Year Review and TE2100 100 Year Plan), in order to develop and streamline the client’s strategic approach. – Undertook a literature review of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Government 25 Year Plan, FCERM Strategy and EA2025 Plan, among many other key policies and knowledge of emerging markets.
  • Delivered coherent and overlapping sustainability themes, global goals, recommendations and objectives to respond to the climate and nature emergencies (i.e. themes for Carbon Management / a Circular Economy / resilience for the Climate Emergency / Nature Recovery / equitable Social Value).
  • Provided upskilling to teams and support to engagement planning activities and implementation planning.  

ACM Consultancy Services Ltd. is a bespoke Environment and Sustainability Consultancy firm, which drives an equilibrium of environmental and operational performance, within the public and private sector, to empower a globally sustainable future through innovation, collaboration and expertise.​

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