Thames Estuary Asset Management (TEAM2100), London Principal Environment Advisor

  • We appointed a Principal Environmental Adviser for the implementation of the TEAM2100 programme, designed to refurbish and improve the tidal flood risk management assets in the estuary for the first 10 years of Thames Estuary 2100, as part of the 100-year plan.
  • We provided strategic input and drove eco-innovation, over 175km of the River Thames in order to transition to rational change in the field of sustainability.
  • Our lead advisor contributed a number of innovative low carbon and biodiversity upgrades to this award-winning programme and contributed to an award-winning project.
  • We advocated the implementation of dual, or holistic solutions that were fit-for-situation during the strategic and design stages; and the use of best practise sustainable materials during construction and within the EMP, EAPs etc.
  • The client became a repeat customer. 

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