Anna Hewson

Director, Environment and Sustainability Consultant


Anna is a proactive and adaptable Associate Environment and Sustainability Consultant and founder of the award-winning ACM Consultancy Services Ltd, with 18+ yrs experience of delivering improvements to both low and high value linear and non-linear infrastructure projects and other organisations.

She motivates and manages multi-disciplinary teams to deliver Environmental Impact Assessments, IS014001 Environment, Sustainability and Consenting Management, Sustainability Consultancy (Strategy and Implementation), ESG and Topic Specialist delivery (Regenerative Agriculture, Carbon Reduction, Ecology etc.), in both the public and private sector. She provides a collaborative forum for innovation and expertise to transition forward-thinking businesses, in pursuit of delivering the UNSDGs, towards rational but innovative, sustainability transformation.


Anna has gained experience on a range of multidisciplinary projects, with project values of up to £42.6 billion. Her industry focus is within the rail and infrastructure, water and environment sectors, with further experience of highways, airports and nuclear. She sits on the committee of two Sustainability Steering Groups, an Action Learning Group and a Female Business Forum. She and has worked on the largest Geospatial database in Europe and her Research and Road Maps have been used by the Environment Agency, DEFRA and EAZA to inform them of the state of the implementation of their policies and guidelines. Anna is highly organised and has a proven track record of thriving in highly pressurised and challenging environments.


She is an empathetic, clear and engaging communicator who is adept at building relationships, driving collaboration and gaining trust. She considers wider aims, whilst presenting great attention to detail in order to achieve improved service delivery. Her business vision is to help forward-thinking organisations achieve an equilibrium of environmental and operational performance. Her ambition, outlined in her internal road map, is to become a Net Positive Company.


ACM Consultancy Services Ltd. is a bespoke Environment and Sustainability Consultancy firm, which drives an equilibrium of environmental and operational performance, within the public and private sector, to empower a globally sustainable future through innovation, collaboration and expertise.​

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