Daniel Kenning

Transition Engineering

Transition Engineering is the way to solve complex “wicked” global problems such as climate change, pollution, biodiversity loss and energy depletion, problems which have many stakeholders, and potential for conflict, and no obvious simple solution. Transition Engineering is the HOW to achieve change, given we agree WHY change is needed. Daniel founded Splendid Engineering and co-founded GATE, the Global Association for Transition Engineering, after a long career at Ford of Europe and Visteon where he was a Product Engineer and Design for Sustainability specialist. He is a chartered mechanical engineer, chartered energy engineer, and chartered environmentalist. In more recent years, he has been working with clients delivering Transition Engineering and the Transition Innovation process. He is also a visiting lecturer at various universities.

Daniel is passionate about helping people discover “direction-changing” innovations that address “un-sustainability”. He co-developed “Transition Engineering”, a new approach to engineering and change; and is already helping organisations to achieve whole-system solutions that deliver the right change in the right direction to ensure a sustainable, prosperous future in a changing world.

Daniel brings clarity to your decision making, he helps you challenge existing un-stated assumptions to discover an achievable, more prosperous future. By collaborating in your decision making processes, he enables your organisation to prosper in a changing future. He will help you to “Build Back better” after the disruption of COVID-19.


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