Tim Bond

Graphic Design in Print and Digital

Tim is a creative, engaging, dependable and personable graphic design for print and digital design. He is an Indesign and Interactive PDF Wizard and has been routinely recommended as being faster, better, cheaper – and is regularly cited as being infinitely patient! He is a collaborative individual who helps small businesses and larger international organisations with visual solutions across their digital marketing and performance reporting, including extensive experience delivering designs in the education and sustainability sector. Tim’s Key Background:

  • Creates effective digital (and print form) communication through simple, clear and concise visual information. Believes simplicity and creativity in digital media are key to achieving effective communication.
  • Extensive experience of working within the educational sector (including for publishers, schools, exam boards, universities, colleges etc.).
  • Approved and trusted supplier for the University of Cambridge (since 2014) and Pearson Education and Cambridge Assessment. Tim has delivered bespoke digital media reporting for the University of Cambridge across several reporting years and departments (i.e., Living Laboratory for Sustainability, University of Cambridge Financial Reports), including within the last year, with excellent feedback.
  • When it comes to print, Tim is up to date on cutting-edge, sustainable printers.

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